I work for IntraPoint’s Research & Innovation group. IntraPoint located in Norway and Washington D.C. is a leading provider of Crisis Management & Business Continuity solutions. IntraPoint has also partnered with NASA in the field of disaster management(NASA Collaborates to Create Disaster Management Technologies).

My work mainly involves researching new and breakthrough technologies in the field of emergency management. Depending on the project at hand I write software primarily in JavaScript and PHP. My latest work has to do with alert and notification services using Node.js.

While the work I do is very exciting and challenging it is also very fulfilling because the products I work on saves lives. It allows organizations to bounce back after a crisis thus saving thousands of jobs.

I feel elated that the products I develop provide for emotional solace to many families by providing them with accurate information about their loved ones during an accident.

From Equinor to Icelandair..crisis managed, lives saved.

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