Life is what we make it

Yesterday, after a gap of about 30 years, RT called me. RT and I were classmates, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Industrial Electronics. After a few pleasantries he told me that he clearly remembered how I had helped him learn the Darlington pair.

RT suffers from Multiple sclerosis. His vision is failing rapidly and needs assistance to carry out even the most basic of tasks  we take for granted. His condition seems to worsen by the day.

About six weeks back I had the opportunity to attend a company team building exercise in Grand Lake, Colorado. A picturesque gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

The walk from the hotel to the city center, about a mile was painful to say the least. A few days before the trip I had hurt my knee during a run. All through the walk the majestic rockies and the serene Grand Lake bore witness to my complaints.

Even with a limp I did get a nice lunch and sat by the lake, sipping coffee trying to exercise my knee, hoping to reduce the pain. The lake was partially frozen and the afternoon sun  glistened off its icy cover. The expanse of the quiet lake would have put anyone at ease. Not me.

The walk back was even more painful, because part of the walk was uphill. With an ice pack on my knee I sat on the couch in my hotel room blankly staring at the snow covered peaks while my face wrenched in pain.

In my self involved world that I had woven for myself I had totally forgotten that I was fortunate enough to lay at the bottom of a crucible of natural beauty which I chose to ignore.

When RT talked with me he sounded in much better spirits than I was then. He sounded happy, fulfilled and  buoyant. He was enjoying talking with me. Never in this short conversation did he hint about his illness. Something I need to heed and learn…

“Live long and prosper my friend..”